beverly_hills_chauffeur_service02One of the biggest hurdles Beverly Hills Chauffeur Service found  for limo operators looking to go green, has been the utter garishness and awkwardness of the aesthetic design of green vehicles. If you’re looking to travel in style somewhere, you’re surely not looking to hop into a Nissan Leaf or a Prius. As such, many limo operators have put green vehicles on hold in lieu of their customers expectations of stylish transport. One green vehicle that completely obliterates this quandary, is the Tesla Model S. Not only does it have a remarkable range for an electric vehicle, it is one of the most stylish and high tech luxury vehicles available on the market.


Beverly Hills Chauffeur Services: Perhaps the most noticeable feature is that the Tesla Model S is incredibly quiet; so much so that it’s almost disconcerting when you first ride in one. One moment you’re at a stand still, the next you’re going 60; all without the clunking noises of an internal combustion engine. Think the lack of an engine diminishes the performance of the Model S compared to its peers? The P90 D version of the Model S can hit 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, and has enough torque to perhaps nominally affect the earth’s rotation. Make no mistake for a sedan that weighs more than 2 tons, this car absolutely flies. Another noticeable feature that comes again as a result of a lack of an engine, is that the floor is completely flat. This is part of the vision Tesla has for modern luxury, the cabin is replete with lots of neat features. A Bluetooth wireless data link, USB ports, multi level seat heating, a gigantic tablet display in the front; the Model S really is fun to ride in. This why JoJo limo is extremely excited to be able to offer the use of this vehicle to our customers. You will get to experience the future of the automotive industry and look good while doing so. Of course JoJo is proud to offer a number of different green vehicles, but the Model S is truly something special.


– All Electric

– Very Stylish

– Glass Cockpit

– Aluminum Body

– Ridiculous Acceleration

– High Tech Interior

– Fantastic Safety Rating

– Very Smooth Ride


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