Chauffeur Service Los Angeles: It wasn’t too long ago that one could stand on the streets of downtown L.A after 5 p.m, and there wouldn’t be a soul in sight. Empty office buildings, sketchy areas, and a lack of food and entertainment gave little incentive to Angelinos to make Downtown L.A a recreational area. Today, downtown Los Angeles has become a vibrant and exciting locale. With an ever increasing demand in luxury housing, the population of downtown is expected to blossom to around 75,000 residents in coming years. To cater to this new population, downtown has seen a large influx of high end retailers, restaurants, and bars. Much of downtown’s revitalization can be attributed to an incentive passed by the city in 1999, known as the Adaptive Reuse Ordinance. This ordinance relaxed zoning and code requirements and fast tracked the approval process for converting older buildings into new housing developments. That same year, the Staples Center opened; bringing thousands of Angelinos to a part of the city they would have otherwise avoided. What is certainly clear, Los Angeles residents are not avoiding the myriad of entertainment options that downtown L.A now provides.

While there are many entertainment options in downtown, there certainly isn’t a lot of parking to be found. Whether you are doing a night out on the town, or just taking in the sights; it’s a good idea to use a chauffeur service to get you around. JoJo Limo can get you to your destination in style and comfort. Perhaps you will be dressed to the nines and attending a concert at the magnificent Walt Disney Concert Hall, what better way to arrive than in a stylish limousine? With your driver ready and waiting for you when the concert is over, you could swing on over to 2nd and Main and enjoy some world class drinks at The Edison. With all that downtown now has to offer, the possibilities are endless. Spend the day being chauffeured around and take in the sights. There’s the beautiful Grand Park, the bustling Grand Central Market, the wonderful architecture of the newly opened Broad Museum. For an exciting and fun time there’s always L.A Live and The Staples Center, with events going on pretty much all the time. Wherever and whenever, JoJo Limo is at the ready to let our customers take advantage of all that Los Angeles has to offer. By¬†Chauffeur Service Los Angeles:


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