Beverly Hills Chauffeur Service Says: The holiday season is not something most would associate with a limousine service, however there a number of ways that a private chauffeur can make a holiday occasion very memorable. Though some might consider a limousine to be opulent and borderline superfluous, it’s a great opportunity to create a fantastic experience for family and close friends. Have family members coming to Los Angeles for the holidays that you haven’t seen for a while? Surprise them by picking them up at LAX in a limousine. Instead of trying to catch up while traversing a traffic nightmare, let the family sit and talk in comfort and style; it will be a gesture most appreciated. Trying to think of a memorable activity for you and the family to enjoy around Christmas time? Take them on a holiday lights tour of Los Angeles in a party bus or limousine. Imagine sitting comfortably with the family, enjoying refreshments, while taking in the festive spectacle of Christmas lights. Most people expect limousines to go hand in hand with proms and weddings, the holiday season is a chance to break from that traditional mold and show your loved ones a special time.

Of course the holidays are also time of heavy alcohol consumption. We get it, ’tis the season to be jolly! However, being jolly and being safe are not synonymous. Got a big holiday party coming up? Why not keep you and your guests safe, and allow for a professional driver to handle the transportation. Of course people will claim that you should get an Uber, however a trained private chauffeur will undoubtedly get you where you need to go in one piece and in much more style. New Year’s Eve is of course a major event, especially in Los Angeles. As such, DUI checkpoints will surely be set up around the L.A area. Don’t risk a DUI or having to be questioned by an officer, let a private chauffeur get you around safe and end the year in luxury and style. It’s all about having a good time and staying safe, and with JoJo Limo both scenarios are guaranteed to occur. Beverly Hills Chauffeur Service


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