JoJo limo’s Beverly Hills Chauffeur Service has the best drivers in the business and we have a service for all you sports fans. There are exciting times ahead for fans of L.A sports, however fans of clear roads and a lack of traffic congestion are about to be severely disappointed. If you disregard the traffic aspect, there’s nothing quite like the exciting and anticipatory atmosphere that surrounds a major sporting event. Lucky for fans of L.A teams, there’s a lot to be excited about in the upcoming months. Just tonight, the Kings will test their mettle against the San Jose sharks in what is sure to be a fierce NHL season opener. In two days time, the Dodgers will begin their playoff campaign at home against the New York Mets. The absolutely unstoppable and prolific L.A Galaxy will also start their playoff campaign on Wednesday October 28th in what is sure to be a memorable playoff series. Lastly, we can’t forget about the Lakers and Clippers returning to start another exciting NBA season in less than 30 days time.


While this is great news for sports fans, it’s bad news for traffic. Sports events are for letting loose and having a great time supporting your team, why throw the nightmare of contending with game day traffic into the mix? Any L.A resident who drives knows the veritable black hole of traffic that is the Staples Center and the 110 freeway immediately after a big game. It’s time to take the hassle out of getting to the big game. JoJo limo’s experienced drivers will ensure that you will get to your seat before the game starts, and be there immediately after the final whistle/buzzer to pick you up. Taking the hassle out of getting to the game is not JoJo Limo’s sole aim however; we want to ensure our clients have a fun and memorable experience. Take advantage of our luxury vehicles amenities on the way to the game, and arrive in style. Whether it’s a limousine, an SUV, or heck even a Rolls Royce; JoJo limo has got you covered for all your sporting event needs.


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